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Transferring Bitcoin to Western Union Has Never Been Easier.

With AlphaTransfer, You Can Cash Out Your Bitcoin Safely,
Efficiently and Quickly.

Transferring your Bitcoin, and cashing out Bitcoin to dollars has never been easier. You have come across to - the global elite Bitcoin to Western Union service. offers a very safe, effective and efficient service to sell your Bitcoin instantly at the best available prices that the web has to offer.

Not only can we transfer your Bitcoin to Western Union; we offer the exact same services with Paypal too! Yes, that is right! You can transfer your Bitcoin to Paypal aswell; meaning you can request your hard earned dollars in a way that suits you.

So, how does it work?

No matter what time of day, or wherever you are in the world; when you are ready to sell your Bitcoin simply come to and check out the latest exchange rates. Then, when you are ready, simply place the order and we will instantly send money to you via Western Union or Paypal - whichever you prefer.

Don’t want to share your personal details with us? That’s fine! We do not ask for your personal information and will still respond to your request within a maximum of 2 hours!

If you have struggled with turning your Bitcoin into dollars before, then we offer you a service that is stress-free, simple to use, efficient and fast!

We offer some of the most effective, eye-catching and friendly user-interfaces available too. Our intention from day one has been to offer you, the visitor, the simplest and easiest way to transfer your Bitcoin to Western Union, or even Paypal and that is what we still achieve day in and day out.

Don’t believe how good our service is? Go and check out our testimonials to see how well we perform on a consistent level. The ability to transfer Bitcoin to Western Union should never be hard. That is why offers the best possible solution to turn your hard-earned Bitcoin into dollars in the fastest possible way.

We are very respectful of your privacy and the anonymous nature of Bitcoin and will never ask for your personal data. All we ask for is your email address, name and city. We will never spam you with junk and will never mis-use your data! All we want to do is provide a trustworthy and dependable exchange solution for Bitcoin.

So, what are you waiting for?

If you have Bitcoin that you are wanting to transfer to Western Union, or even Paypal then do not delay. Check out the up-to date exchange rates we are expertly provided for you, and place your order. We guarantee that your dollars will be with you within 2 hours maximum. is dedicated to provided for you a secure, fast and easy service. Allowing you the chance to transfer your Bitcoin to Western Union even faster and safer than you have ever been able to do before. 

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